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Hi, this is Gregory.

At this moment I am personally very poor. Don’t get me wrong I have everything I need. I get food, clothing and shelter thanks to the good citizens of The United States of America.

Donald Trump and I are on the same payroll.

The amount as of this writing is insubstantial, 735 dollars a month. But, Thanks to Mother and Aunt Ine, I am entitled to anything extra I need for except food, clothing or shelter up to the limits of the law. The “money” will come from the trust. Under the law I can have no more than 2,000 dollars in the bank if I am to keep my S.S.I. benefits.

Mine was set up under the original terms of my mother’s will. In case you don’t know, when you set up a trust fund you can name it anything you want but the name has to contain the word “Trust.”

I chose to name my Trust Fund, “The Trust in God.” Yes, literally, “The Trust in God.” If you don’t believe me look it up. In fact I wish you would. Don’t trust me. I trust God. In fact as of now I am “the sole beneficiary” of The Trust in God.

The terms of the Trust are such. It is an irrevocable Trust. That means that it is like a marriage is supposed to be. “For better or worse. Let no man put asunder.”

My Trustee is Stan Cohen. A good Jewish lawyer. I am to get 1,500 dollars a month. But the cost of my medication alone is way above that. So, I had a choice.

Do I go ahead and lock myself into a Special Needs Trust Fund for life or do I get off medication, take the $1,500 a month and hope for the best.

It was a no brainer. If I took the $1,500 cash I would have $18,000 a year as income with no medication expenses. But under the terms of the Special Needs Trust Law, I could get $1,500 a month and still keep my government benefits.

The only problem with that is this: that is all I can ever get.

No matter how much money is in the Trust, all I get to spend personally is $1,500 a month. But the reason for the law is to allow unlimited spending for “Special Needs.” My “Special Need” is to Glorify Jesus.

As for such, here is the plan.

When you sign-up for a paid email account with YourUsername@LightoftheWorld.com you are signing up for the Email with the most blessed address on the Internet. The Trust in God gets the proceeds.

Part of my Special Need is to Feed Everyone On Earth. And provide them with shelter. Clothes Optional. :-) As I've stated The Trust in God is an Irrevocable Trust.

"You are the light of the world," comes from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as related in (Matthew 5:14-17). This is the most beautiful and powerful passage in the Bible as it turns power over from Jesus to each and every one of us.

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." (John 8:12)

Gregory GOrDon also has a real light that you can see Edison spinning at the top of the page. If you take a black balloon and shine colored lights at it while spinning it by the nozzle it will disappear, leaving only trails of light visible to the eye.

You can get black balloons by clicking first on the logo to the top that says LightoftheWorld. Balloons and the necessary lights can be found on the home page @LightoftheWorld.com as well as on stages for musicians, in schools or churches as well as in the streets by using street lights.

Use the light to promote justice for the poor and in night time peace marches wherever there are street lights.

For more information on how to create the Dynamic Light Reflection watch the videos at Gregory GOrDon's page. An Email account is separate from the social network account at the Light of the World Prophecy Fulfillment Place.

Sign up for both now!

And remember to:
Let your light so shine...

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